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The bathroom out of CFS® panels looks like one piece of massive natural stone. The
3 mm thin stone panels include a heating element on the backside, if desired. A temperature of 26°C is enought to let the dark stone send out long-wave radiation which heats the whole room quickly and is as comfortable on the skin like the heat of a tiled stove. A complete new body feeling arises through this pleasent thermal transfer. At the push of a buttom the bathroom in warm within 60 seconds. Time to get up and to feel comfortable.

The walls of the bathroom consist of 3 mm plates of Brasilian granite

The walls of the bathroom consist of 3 mm plates of Brasilian granite.

If the bathroom is not in use the heating can be shut down – there is no longer the need to heat thick stone plates around the clock.  This means Protection of the environment, which saves money as well.

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