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CFS® is the combination of stone and carbon fibers. This is why we call the hybrid CFS®, as abbreviation of CarbonFiberStone®

The technology has been invented and developed by TechnoCarbonTechnologies®

The use of any kind of mineral or earthenware material is possible, be it natural or articial, depending on the needs for construction. The basic prerequisite is the method to prestress the earthenware by the fiber. The Technology to implement prestress by fibers onto the mineral material is called  MCT®, standing for MineralCompositeTechnology®

MCT® allows any combination of pressure stable minerals and fibers guaranteeing the needed tensile strength. Prestress is the key for a sustainable and flexible hybrid connection.

CFS® – is a construction and building material for many kind of different high performance applications for example in sports equipment, in automotive and aerospace construction as well as high performance applications in civil engineering.

Other combinations include the use of natural stone or concrete and stone fibers, which is an interesting low cost solution for the normal building range and architecture.

A large variety derives out of  SCT® as a matrix of combinations many different minerals like natural stone, glass- and other ceramics r concrete with different kind of fiber materials like carbon, stone and glass fibers, as well as natural fibers.

Our material combinations and a large number of applications in different ranges are protected by international patents and trademarks against plagiarithm.

The titels, any documentation and pictures are subject to copy right protection and are the sole property of TechnoCarbonTechnologies® .
Any kind of use of such documentation and pictures are subject to prior written approval by TechnoCarbonTechnologies® .

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