Naval architecture

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The application of 3 mm or even 2 mm CFS® panels in shipbuilding has many advantages. Panels that thin and therefore light are only producable and easy to handle without the risk of breaking with the technology of TechnoCarbon.

SCT® stands for StoneCompositeTechnology® which is the process that brings the prestress into the panel.

The material is not only beautiful at the surface, but tough and seawater-resistent and the prestressed panels don’t even break if the ship’s body gets deformed due to forces of heavy sea.

One of the first interested company in naval architecture is the yacht constructor Aguti, who decided to use CFS® panels in the master head’s and VIP bathrooms in the lower deck, as well as in the kitchen of the living area, which you can take a look at in the virtual tour on the Aguti website.

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