supporting frames made from CFS® – beams and tubes

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Future car building can be performed with simple longitudinal structures. Complicated frame structures are obsolete with new electro-mobility, simplified and straight forward structures will dominate. This development can help bring supporting longitudinal CFS® – beams into car building.

Längsträger mit V-Aussteifung, präsentiert auf der Hannover Messe 2010

Longitudinal beam with V-support, being presented at Hannover fair 2010

The resent structure has been presented together with IAV GmbH at Hannover fair in 2010.

Such longitudinal beams can be produced very easily with our technology, as the present structure assembled from simple single side coated CFS® – plates demonstrates.

Basis for such plates are both or singl side coated CFS®-sheets, being cut into tiles and glued together by carbon mantle to build the final structure.

Längsträger aus CFS - Blechen, Wandstärke 2,5 mm

Longitudinal beam from CFS - sheets, wall thickness of 2,5 mm

As being shown on the picture the main portion fo the material consists of stone, whereas significant amounts of production energy can be saved due to the significant amounts of energy being needed to produce carbon fibers.

The CFS® – walls of this tube are 2,5 mm thin. The wall thickness is seamlessly scalable and can be reduced if needed to 1,2 mm.

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