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CFS® was the first time introduced to the public  in september 2005 in the context of the Materialica in Munich. In the following six years  CFS® was presented on numerous international fairs,  conferences and industry exhibitions.

Since then a lot has happened. CFS® is recognized as material for building and construction, which does not only contain new characteristics  and all new possibilities, but implies the chance to rethink the principles of construction. After over 16 public fairs and conferences, divers buisiness presentations and discussions with developers and designers CFS® was approved by leading scientists and engineers. For example the university for applied sciences in Munich proved that a 4mm thick laminated spring did not show any measurable symptoms of fatigue after a long-term loading of 1 million Biegelastwechsel. First crashtests did also show promising results.

TechnoCarbon Technologies 2007.

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