House wall project

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In collaboration with HTW in Chur the initial idea was developed, to build house walls from CFS-plates. Together with Basler+Partner in Zurich a first draft of a self supporting house wall element was designed and calculated, which would be theoretically able to carry 80 Tons per running meter without breakage or any hair cracks. With this kind of performance the system would be ready for higher constructions too. The wheight of the element was calculated to be only 365 kg.

The system was recently further developed in the frame work of the Bavarian Ministry of Economy and Technology and successfully tested at University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Institute for light weight building and steel construction, Prof. Bucak. The measurments have shown that the wall element was able to carry 110 tons before breakage. In a next step a low energy house shall be built in the Munich region.

House wall element description:


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