The discovery

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The discovery of “CarbonFiberStone” happened during the searching for a construction possibility of an invisible hob out of granite.

At the beginning it  seemed like the problem was not to solve, because the granite panel cracked by the punctual expansion of the stone in the area of the hob already at temperatures around 70°C.

First we tried to give the granite panel a pretension through thread bars out of steel – without success. In the next step we tried to coat the stone existensively with carbon fiber. With this technique the stone was successfully stopped to expand and any kind of macroscopic extension was suppressed.

We learned out of that, that it is really possible to prevent stone from extension without any curve – a  hob needs a continuous plane surface – and that it will not be damaged because of its inner expansion.

Why that is like this we found out much later, when we started to develop CFS™.

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