Measuring instruments

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Hand-guided self-calibrating IR- measuring rod

The company RevXperts builts high precise measuring instruments and develops together with TechnoCarbon products on the basis of CFS®.

The underlying advantage of this application is not only the light weight and high stiffness, but the distortion-free form stability even during changing temperature. Therefore the evenness of the sensor area, where the infrared sensors are arranged, is guaranteed.

The homogeneous extension behaviour of natural stone has in this case great advantages over pure carbon structures, which are in the case of variations of temperature exposed to much higher internal tensions.

handgeführte CFS - Messlanze

Hand-guided measuring rod

Such measuring systems are currently made of conventional materials. With the use of CFS® RevXperts gets into the position to apply self-calibrating software tools, that are developed and refined by the company itself.

If variation of temperature are a point, a distortion-free sensor area will be always helpful. It is planned to craft the grey marked parts out of  CFS® material. The yellow cover parts are out of plastic material. The development is a cooperation of several medium-sized companys from Munich and the sourrounding area.

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