zai® and the usage of CFS® in ski building

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Swiss ski-manufaktur zai® ( is building the first ski on the planet with a core of CFS® based Andeer stone from Swiss Alps. Its name is spada, Rhetoroman for “sword”.

zai ski

zai ski

This ski provides an unmatched smoothness of running as well as perfect gripp on icy slopes. The carbon manteled stone kernel provides damping within a wide range of frequencies, which cannot be observed with other stiff materials in this kind of quality. Any skier, be the professional or the beginner, feels simply comforable and secure on this ski. The feeling is unforgettable for any one who once experinced driving spada.

zai® and TechnoCarbon have recently designed spada with a surface fron Kautschuk – with individual colors – and a window allowing a glance on the stone working inside the ski.

zai spada

zai spada

After the first presentation of the ski with a stone heart at ISPO 2007 in Munch, zai® and TechnoCarbon received the MATERIALICA Award for the best product in 2007.

(see also “Awards”).

MATERIALICA Trophy: Best Product Award 2007

MATERIALICA Trophähe: Best Product Award 2007

The application is proving that stone is able to change its volume under pressure. This behavior is being used by SCT® to bring the dynamical properties of the stone into the picture and exploit the stones unmatched vibration damping.

Bavarian Television
- Stone in the ski -
“Abendschau” from 23.10.2007
during MATERIALICA fair in Munich,
Interview with Simon Jacomet,
Founder and Head of Development of zai®,

as well as some explanations of Kolja Kuse, Founder and head of application development at TechnoCarbonTechnologies

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